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          H3C IMC Intelligent Portal Manager (IPM) component is a portal solution that extends the traditional authentication network to a highly customizable and interactive platform. In addition to providing easy network access, IPM also offers required or preferred contents and services to users based on deep analysis of user access data. This greatly adds values to your portal network and increases user loyalty.

          Customer value enhancement

          Simple wireless access

          IPM provides multiple authentication methods, including Facebook authentication, WeChat authentication, SMS authentication, VIP account authentication, service docking authentication, non-perception authentication, authentication-free secondary access, and APP authentication.

          Convenient authentication page customization

          IPM provides a native WYSIWYG editor for you to customize authentication pages easily and flexibly. Without complicated coding, you can customize an ideal authentication page by simply dragging and dropping page elements.

          Authentication page customization

          Smart advertisement tagging

          IPM supports predefining tagging-capable advertisement elements, which will be displayed on authentication pages. Based on the feedback from the audit system, IPM tags each user's preference and generates user-oriented advertisements on the authentication pages of the user when the user reconnects to the Wi-Fi.

          Advertisement element configuration

          Abundant page push rules

          IPM supports multiple authentication page push rules. In one system, you can push different authentication pages to users based on access location, access time, user identity, authentication type, and terminal type.

          Sustainable marketing measures

          IPM allows for sustainable marketing by utilizing the network authentication methods:

          * If users use WeChat authentication to access your network, IPM asks the users to follow your WeChat public account for authentication.

          *If users use SMS authentication to access your network, IPM asks users to provide their mobile phone numbers for authentication.

          * If users use app authentication, IPM guides the users to install your app for authentication.

          When the users are within your network, you can provide location-based services to users, such as accurate advertisements pushing and WeChat or SMS contents sending. After the users are out of your network, you can still pushing advertisements to users through the WeChat public account, SMS messages, or app, because the users have followed your WeChat public account, reported their mobile numbers, or installed your app during authentication.

          IPM improves the accuracy and precision of the marketing advertisements according to the users' preference tags. These accurate and user-oriented advertisements help reduce user antipathy to your business.

          Data statistical analysis

          IPM provides department-specific statistical analysis to inform you the running status of the whole network. Device monitoring screen is dedicated for network operators to know device health, device alarms, and wireless coverage. Customer flow monitoring screen is dedicated for marketers to check marketing performance, customer flow, and Ad views.

          IPM also supports access statistics customization according to your requirements.


          Device monitoring


          Customer flow monitoring

          Hierarchical privilege management

          IPM supports hierarchical privilege control on webpage operations. You can design privilege levels according to your organization structure to assign different webpage operation privileges to different operators. With site grouping, you can divide different groups to assign operators in different areas different privileges.

          Privilege management

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